What is the one emotion which can cause the most stoic of men to melt into a pile of goo? What is the one emotion which can cause a grown woman to wistfully sigh like a 12 year-old girl head over heels for a teen idol?

The Romans had a Goddess whom they worshipped who was the epitome of this emotion. Her name was Venus, and she is associated with love.

Love is the very fabric which binds humanity together. Love is accepting people for who they are and accepting each other’s culture without judgment and without fear.

Love is living your journey with the full knowing that whatever choices you make are the correct ones. There is no right way, there is no wrong way. The choices you make will lead you to exactly where you need to be in the way it needs to be done.

Love is living compassionately and with an open heart. Love is the knowing that the stranger who was rude to you in the elevator or the boss who yelled at you is going through their own difficulties in life, and there is no need to take their actions personally.

Love is welcoming each day for the gift that it is. It is accepting each day as the challenge of making a difference in the world. Because no matter what work you do, you are helping the improvement of humanity. By living and acting out of love each day, you are setting an example to others to show them the love they are capable of as well.

Love is being able to accept yourself. Love is the realization that you are perfect exactly as you are. Any self-perceived flaws are created out of ego and not out of love.

Love is the knowing that you have the ability to manifest and create your desires. When you are in the place of love, you are able to step out of your own way so that the process of creation flows smoothly and freely.

Love is also living in patience and accepting the creation process at its time frame and not how you perceive it should be.

Love is the knowing that all your prayers are listened to and answered. Love is also being able to accept that the answer to your prayer may be “no” or “not at this time.”

When you look at a baby who hasn’t been in this world for very long, you are looking into the eyes of wonderment and unconditional love. This unconditional love is our true nature and is at the core of our very being.

As we grow older, it seems our capacity for unconditional love diminishes like a candle whose flame slowly burns out. However, that is not the case. The candle of unconditional love is the eternal light within our soul. When you accept this light that is within you, you will then be able to see the love that glows within each other.