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Intuitive Clairvoyant Readings

Mediumship is the ability to connect with the spirit realms. A medium serves as the link here in the physical through which angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit can communicate with humans. Clairvoyance is the ability of an individual to actually “see” into the realms of spirit to provide insight into our physical lives. Intuition is something everyone has, though some individuals have a stronger, more developed “sixth sense” that allows them to use their inner sense of knowing to guide others.

I am grateful to be gifted in all three of the above areas, and use my abilities to share messages regarding love, career, finance, family, and relationships; along with any other information that is of assistance to your life path.

Your angels, guides, and deceased loved ones in spirit are with you always. These beings have only your highest good in their intentions, so the messages they give me are typically uplifting, enlightening, and inspirational in nature.

$150 – 60 minute in person or phone reading
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Kundalini Reiki Healing Session or Checkup Session

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful tool for energetic healing on both physical and spiritual levels.

This method of energy healing was introduced by a healer in Denmark named Ole Gabrielsen. Kundalini Reiki is associated with the energies of Ascended Master Kuthumi, and evolved as the result of many hours of meditation and channeled experiences by Mr. Gabrielson.

Kundalini is the universal life force energy that runs through our bodies. This energy originates at the root chakra at the base of the spine and flows to the crown chakra at the top of the head. When this main energy channel is closed, blocked, or restricted by stress or trauma, our bodies may experience physical and emotional ailments.

Kundalini Reiki is an effective tool for opening and balancing this natural energy channel. When the channel is open, our chakra system becomes strengthened, and opens energetic pathways that may facilitate healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This modality is often performed as an adjunct to conventional methods for treating specific ailments.

During a reiki session, the client is fully clothed and is either lying down or seated comfortably in a chair. The practitioner’s hands are placed on or over (without physical contact if preferred or dictated by a medical condition) the clients shoulders. The session can be performed remotely over a distance energetically with the same effects.

A Kundalini Reiki session typically lasts about 90 minutes, which includes time for a pre and post session consult. It is recommended to complete 3 session treatments, each one week apart in order to experience the full benefit of Kundalini Reiki healing.

$90 per Kundalini Reiki Session in person or long distance.
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Kundalini Reiki Checkup Session

The check-up session is an additional, though optional adjunct to the original Kundalini Reiki series that continues the circulation of Kundalini energy where you need it most.

This session begins with a consultation to discuss your progress and any other goals pertaining to the previous treatments. Dan will then perform an assessment of your physical and energetic bodies to determine the levels of healing that have been achieved on the energetic level, followed by the application of the energy flow. Occasionally, after the healing process of the Kundalini Reiki series, underlying issues may surface once the original concerns have been resolved. This additional “treatment” will balance these issues, and provide a smooth, long-lasting Kundalini Reiki presence as you make positive changes in your body and life.

Request this session at least three weeks after your original three Kundalini Reiki visits, to allow those energies to complete their work

$75 – Kundalini Reiki Check-Up session
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Energetic Power Session

The Energetic Power Session is a wonderful modality for those wishing to make larger strides on their path to enlightenment.

The energies of Gold Reiki facilitate a tranquil ambiance coming together in a healing platform that helps you reclaim your power. Feel yourself soar as you step further into your truth and power than you thought possible.

The prerequisite for this session is the Kundalini Reiki healing series.

$75 – Energetic Power Healing Session

To schedule an Energetic Power Session, contact Dan.

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Past Life Energy Session

The Past Life Energy Session is an exceptional tool for those who feel that a past lifetime may be a factor in blockages experienced in this lifetime. If you know you have done everything possible to facilitate mental, physical, and energetic healing, and are still not getting the results you should have achieved, this session may be the “missing link” that will finally bring everything together.

Gold Reiki energy, along with guided meditation opens the doors to one of your past lives to “get to the bottom of it all” in this interactive session. Old patterns or negative experiences (along with some pleasant memories) are uncovered to bring clarity and understanding to your current life issues. Becoming aware of who you were and the unhealthy patterns that have followed you through lifetimes is often the “aha” moment that sparks the healing of persistent life issues.

The prerequisite for this session is the Kundalini Reiki healing series.

$75 – Past Life Energy Session

To schedule a Past Life Energy Session, contact Dan.

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Gift of the Holy Spirit

I have been blessed to be able to share this particular gift of healing with others. Holy Spirit is one of the names given to the “God/Source Energy” recognized by most spiritual disciplines as the force behind miraculous healings. The Gift of the Holy Spirit session is a quick, yet powerful burst of this beautiful energy that is channeled through me then to you. The focus of this work is simply about allowing and accepting the energy of the Holy Spirit, so the more open one is to receiving it, the more they are filled with its power. Holy Spirit is intelligent energy; it will not give anyone more than their unique body can handle. This session may be helpful in removing energetic, emotional, and spiritual blocks to facilitate energetic balancing and healing.

A Gift of the Holy Spirit healing may be done in person or remotely.

When you purchase your Gift of the Holy Spirit healing, Dan will contact you within three business days via email to schedule your appointment.

$25 – Gift of the Holy Spirit

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Cleansing and Clearing of Homes and Businesses

Keeping the energies in your home clear and light make for a comfortable, pleasant living space. There are many cultures and disciplines that believe the events that have occurred in a dwelling are recorded in its walls. Energetic Cleansing and Clearing is an effective way to achieve a blissful home environment. This practice is sometimes referred to as “ghostbusting.”

Energy surrounds us at all times. Humans and animals have the ability to sense these energies and react to them, often without giving the sensation a second thought. If you think about it, you can most likely recall entering a room where a festive party was going on, and feeling the joyful vibrations. You probably remember sad or angry moments as well, when the tension felt thick and heavy. These same energetic vibrations can sometimes embed into an area, and if not positive, can negatively impact our daily lives.

If you’ve noticed you feel tired, irritable, or simply a feeling of discord while in your home, perhaps an energetic cleansing would be helpful in removing any negative energies or entities that may have taken up residence with you.

Occasionally, a building or location may be considered “haunted.” There are many reasons/theories behind this type of phenomena, such as an earthbound spirit or negative energy that is “trapped” or “attached” to a space or thing. People living in a “haunted” house are most always aware of it, and if they are frightened or uncomfortable, it is certainly fitting to “send” the disruptive beings or energies away so the space can feel safe and inviting again.

Having a new living or office space cleansed before moving in is a great way to start off positive. Having a housewarming party is a good idea too. In fact, the idea behind a “housewarming” is to imbed positive energies into the dwelling for the new owner. It is also helpful to cleanse and clear any building you desire to sell, as potential buyers do react as much to the energy, or “feel” of a house as much as the actual space.

I have an extremely effective protocol for clearing your residence. I do an initial assessment before the clearing that I will share with you.

The fee is adjusted to the size of the house/dwelling. $300 – 3 to 4 bedroom house.  A $50 deposit is required. Please contact Dan for fee details on a smaller or larger space.

When you make a deposit, Dan will contact you within three business days via email to schedule your appointment.

$50 Deposit

Policies & Disclaimer



Spirit speaks through Dan in the most unique and loving ways. His delivery is direct, getting through to the heart of the matters at hand. The love in his heart for Spirit & his client’s best interest is felt time and time again with the delivery of information from beyond. Daniel has a connection to Spirit that is unparalleled, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone seeking answers to life’s biggest questions or connections to loved ones on the other side. – S.S.

Whenever I need spiritual guidance and counseling I can always count on Dan to be a great source of solid, logical reasoning with a nice dose of spirituality. Dan has the innate ability of seeing through people’s situations to bypass the excesses of their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, roadblocks, etc and reach the core of an issue or challenge. Dan is a wise, gentle, kind and compassionate soul with the utmost integrity. S.D.