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The Pastrami Swami is Dan Frost, a Psychic Medium who enjoys Jewish food and humor.

Dan believes both good food and good humor with friends and family feeds the spirit and is but one part of a balanced enlightened way of life.  Feeding the spirit, Dan says, involves looking within to the heart to connect to that part of ourselves we’ve long ignored.

When we are attuned to our hearts, we are aligned with our own Divinity. This Divinity is within each and every one of us.

When we accept this Divinity, we begin to see and understand our greater purpose.  It is this Divinity within that helps us to see the light inherent in ourselves and others.

Forgiveness, empathy, and compassion (much like pastrami on rye with mustard) are the key yummy ingredients needed to complete our spiritual sandwich in order for us to accept our greatness.

Are you ready to start embracing the sanctity of your sacred self? Are you ready to finally accept who you are? Are you ready to begin to walk the path of forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others? Are you ready to create the perfect Matzah ball for your chicken soup? (I’ve got the recipe) If so, then you’ve found the right place where you need to be.

It is with much respect that Dan offers the following services:

Thank you for visiting.  Please contact Dan should you have any questions about his services.

Whenever I need spiritual guidance and counseling I can always count on Dan to be a great source of solid, logical reasoning with a nice dose of spirituality.  Dan has the innate ability of seeing through people’s situations to bypass the excesses of their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, roadblocks, etc and reach the core of an issue or challenge.  Dan is a wise, gentle, kind and compassionate soul with the utmost integrity. – S.D.