The Blessing of Family

I was fortunate recently to experience how wonderful it is to have an incredible network of support and love that is called family. Oftentimes we may end up discounting family by viewing it as a burden, an obligation, or something with which we have to reluctantly...

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New Year Manifestation

With the New Year arriving, many of us make New Year’s resolutions to start the year off in a positive frame of mind with specific goals we wish to achieve. However, the reality is that many of the vows we make fall quickly by the wayside, as we have trouble keeping...

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Letting Go

We’ve all heard the following phrases at some point or another: “let go and let God,” “detach with love,” and “attachment is the cause of suffering.” Why is that we hold onto things so tightly and have trouble letting go? How many times has someone wronged you in some...

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LOVE = Lots Of Venus Energy

What is the one emotion which can cause the most stoic of men to melt into a pile of goo? What is the one emotion which can cause a grown woman to wistfully sigh like a 12 year-old girl head over heels for a teen idol? The Romans had a Goddess whom they worshipped who...

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FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Recently I wrote about the wonders of love and how love is our true nature. This time I’d like to talk about the opposite of love. What is the one emotion which can prevent us from obtaining the things we desire? What is the one emotion which can trick us into not...

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Have Faith In Yourself

Faith is an interesting concept. To some faith may mean having a belief in a God, a higher power, or a creator of the Universe. To others having faith may mean having the hope that things will ultimately be okay or whatever issue is at hand will work itself out....

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Meditation: It’s Easier Than You Think

With today’s hectic lifestyle and so many different responsibilities pulling us in all sorts of directions, how can one keep him or herself centered and clear minded? The answer is meditation. Meditation is an easy practice which anyone can do at home with just a...

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The Power of Prayer

When you think about prayer what comes to mind? A religious figure who leads his or her congregation through a sermon with a prayer to God? Or perhaps it’s the local football team huddled together before the big game praying to God for help to beat their opponent. The...

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What Does It Mean To Trust?

Many of us have an easier time trusting others than we do ourselves. We trust other people’s opinions when it comes to how we look, what to do with our money, where to go on a vacation, and how to take care of our health. It seems, however, that we have the most...

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What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year as I enjoy getting together with family for our annual Eat Until You Become Comatose Food Extravaganza. But upon closer inspection, Thanksgiving is more than gorging on food and then watching football. It is a...

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Dan is the real deal. His insights and spiritual guidance have helped me immensely over the years. Thank you Dan!  – C.L.

Whenever I need spiritual guidance and counseling I can always count on Dan to be a great source of solid, logical reasoning with a nice dose of spirituality. Dan has the innate ability of seeing through people’s situations to bypass the excesses of their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, roadblocks, etc and reach the core of an issue or challenge. Dan is a wise, gentle, kind and compassionate soul with the utmost integrity. S.D.