Recently I wrote about the wonders of love and how love is our true nature. This time I’d like to talk about the opposite of love.

What is the one emotion which can prevent us from obtaining the things we desire? What is the one emotion which can trick us into not moving forward and living our lives fully in the way God intended?

This negative emotion is fear.

What’s remarkable about fear is how much power we give to it. It is that power which enables fear to create stories and episodes in our heads of things that haven’t yet happened and most likely will not occur. Fear takes the reality of a situation and twists it into a false worst case scenario so that we’re paralyzed from taking any action.

Of course, fear does have its place and it cannot be completely discounted as fear has the ability to keep us alive. Our fight or flight instinct serves us well in moments of extreme physical danger. For example, if you’re out hiking and you see a bear in the distance, it is the fear of a bear attack which will cause us to avoid the bear. This is a positive type of fear.

But the fear I’m talking about is the negative fear produced from our ego.

Think about the times when you have been out and about running an errand, grocery shopping, or you’re at a club, and a beautiful woman or handsome man catches your eye.

How often have you wanted to walk up to this individual and strike up a conversation, but you convinced yourself, before any action has been taken, that nothing good is going to come out of you putting yourself out there? Where did this negative thought come from?

That’s the fear created from your ego holding you back from a potentially enjoyable encounter and new experience. You absolutely have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply walking through your fear, saying hi, and introducing yourself.

The ego likes for this to happen as it is our ego which wants us to stay safe in our own little self-created cocoon of comfort. Upon closer inspection, this cocoon we’ve created is neither safe nor comfortable. This cocoon is a false illusion to which we give too much power. We end up limited, suffocated, and stagnant.

So, the next time the door of opportunity flings open, and what’s behind the door seemingly appears out of your comfort zone and you feel fear starting to take hold, just say to yourself, “Fear is false evidence appearing real. I give you no power nor pay you any mind.” And then simply step forward in courage and confidence with the knowing that you have the power to create your desires and there is nothing to hold you back.