With the New Year arriving, many of us make New Year’s resolutions to start the year off in a positive frame of mind with specific goals we wish to achieve.

However, the reality is that many of the vows we make fall quickly by the wayside, as we have trouble keeping them, and the ideas we created to start off the year dissipate without ever actually manifesting. Why is this?

This happens because we come up with great resolutions in our head, and that’s exactly where our ideas and resolutions end up staying.

Instead of making the same old vows in your head, write out all the things you wish to do and want to manifest for the upcoming year.

By writing your manifestation list down, you are getting the thoughts out of your head and putting them on paper to show the universe that you are serious in what you intend to create and accomplish in the upcoming year. You are actually creating a contract between you and the universe when you put your resolutions in writing.

Feel free to write down anything you want to do or wish for, such as beginning an exercise program, creating a new relationship, or getting a new car. The important thing, however, is to be very specific and detailed in your lists.

For example, in reference to starting an exercise regime, write down all details surrounding your new undertaking. Such as first discussing it with a doctor, listing what exercises you plan on doing and for how long, and how you plan to keep track of your exercise program so you can see your progress in action, etc.

For the resolution of creating a new romantic relationship in your life, be very specific about listing the traits you want in a potential mate. Such as indicating the individuals age range, his or her personality, how that person’s relationship is with his or her family, employment status, health status, that he or she is single, etc. Also, write down how you plan on going about meeting new people.

For the new car, the same details apply. Be sure to cover all the bases on the exact specifications of your car (new or used, make, model, color, amenities, etc.) And also write down how you intend to get that car, such as listing a schedule of saving a certain dollar amount each week to put towards a down payment.

The New Year is looked at as a time of out with the old and in with the new. Now is the perfect opportunity to do away with the old way of making New Year’s resolutions, and instead usher in the new creative way of manifesting your desires and wishes.

Happy New Year!