Faith is an interesting concept. To some faith may mean having a belief in a God, a higher power, or a creator of the Universe. To others having faith may mean having the hope that things will ultimately be okay or whatever issue is at hand will work itself out.

However, I’m going to add another dimension of looking at faith. I propose faith means having the belief in one’s self and that you are the creator of your own world.

It has been said before that we are all children of God. If we are children of God, then are we not of God? If we are then of God, are we are not God-like?

If this is true, then what an incredible opportunity and responsibility each and every one of us has been charged with.

And this opportunity and responsibility is to live and act like God in all of our actions with each other and with ourselves.

But what does it mean to live and act like God?

Quite simply, it means to live from the heart. It means to live peacefully. It means to live forgivingly. It means to live lovingly. It means to live compassionately. This is what it means to believe in one’s self and to accept one’s Divinity.

There are those who do not do this and have chosen to shut themselves off from their Divinity, and this is okay. It is then up to the rest of us to show others what humanity is truly capable of and how we are destined to live.

There are many people who lament the violence in the world and who wish for peace on earth. And it is quite lovely and nice to wish for peace and for the end of violence. But no matter how hard you wish for peace, that wish will simply not come true.

There is a much easier way to make that wish a reality. Simply live, act, and be peaceful. Be an example of peace to others. Be an example of love to others. If someone has hurt you or slighted you in any way, look into your heart for the appropriate response and you will see the only true response is compassion and forgiveness. All other responses come from ego and not from your God self.

Accepting one’s own connection to Divinity really can change your world. With time, living compassionately and with forgiveness will become second nature. You will begin to see how important your role is in making a difference in the world as you live from love. This responsibility may see daunting at first, but the end result is a peace and love in your heart unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. And this peace and love is so beautiful, so moving, that your only desire will be to share it with the entire world.