Many of us have an easier time trusting others than we do ourselves. We trust other people’s opinions when it comes to how we look, what to do with our money, where to go on a vacation, and how to take care of our health.

It seems, however, that we have the most difficult time when it comes to trusting the one person with whom we have the closest relationship…our own self.

How often do we get in our own way of obtaining the things we want by focusing on the negative? For example, thinking we’re not good looking enough or charming enough to gain the affection of someone whom we find attractive. Or not putting in for a different job or switching careers because we think we are not qualified, or we don’t have what it takes.

It’s as if we subconsciously sabotage ourselves to fulfill what we’ve been conditioned to believe, and that belief is usually “I don’t deserve this”, “I’m not worthy of this”, or “I can’t do this.” We think of reasons to not do the things which would serve us best. And we think of ways to avoid taking action to improve ourselves. We simply don’t want to get out of our comfort zone.

Why do we keep repeating the same negative patterns over and over again?

It’s because we don’t trust in ourselves and our abilities. We don’t trust in the fact that we have the power to change our situation by believing in ourselves. Trusting oneself is about knowing who you are, what you truly are capable of, and standing in your power. Trust is believing and knowing you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Trust is knowing that when you take the steps to follow your dreams and listen to your gut feelings, doors will open up to provide you with the opportunities and resources you need to move forward.

Trust is simply about getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to be the process of creation and transformation in your life.