When you think about prayer what comes to mind? A religious figure who leads his or her congregation through a sermon with a prayer to God? Or perhaps it’s the local football team huddled together before the big game praying to God for help to beat their opponent.

The thing about prayer is that it’s not always about praying to a God or a higher power. One does not even have to believe in a higher source to harness the power of prayer.

Prayer is about accepting that you have the power to transform your life. Know that when you pray, your prayer is absolutely being heard. Because when you pray, you are actually praying to yourself.

For example, if one is praying for peace and guidance in a stressful situation, you are actually verbalizing out loud what your subconscious already knows and wants you to do for your highest and best. By praying, you are giving yourself the strength and focus you need to either work through or to leave a situation which is no longer healthy or serving you.

As well, why does it seem we tend to pray when we are going through a rough time in our lives? Why not pray during the fun and prosperous times as well? If you are in the groove and surfing the wave of life as all things are falling into place, now is the perfect time to say a prayer of thankfulness. Say a prayer of gratitude for how things are flowing smoothly and that the flow will continue.

What’s fun about prayer is that it can be used in everyday situations in all aspects of one’s life from the moment you wake up to right before bed. Starting each morning with a prayer of gratitude and excitement will give you the energy you need to begin another day of helping make a difference in the world. And end each day with a prayer of thankfulness for all the blessings and lessons you’ve encountered during your day.

And it’s okay to pray for the small stuff as well. Let’s say you are going to the mall during the busy holiday time. Go ahead and pray that you’ll find a parking space close to your destination. And before you start your car each morning, pray you’ll have a safe and timely journey free of accidents, tickets, and distractions throughout your driving day. Prayer can be used for just about anything you can imagine.

I like to think of prayer as a sort of spiritual lubrication which helps ease the friction of life, empowers oneself, and makes things flow more smoothly. You’ll find prayer can give you the extra push you need to take charge of those areas in your life which need the most help right now.