With the holiday season upon us, I would like to give my readers a gift which I absolutely guarantee will change your life. A gift so amazing that it will completely transform you in ways you never dreamed of. A gift that is so wonderful and awe-inspiring that you will want to share it with everyone on your list.

The priceless gift to which I refer is forgiveness.

The power of forgiveness cannot be underestimated. For this gift, which you can give to yourself and give to others, can help you break through self-imposed barriers.

When we hold on to negative emotions, particularly anger and resentment, we are actually putting up walls which block our path and prevent us from moving forward.

Think for a minute about the resident negative guy or gal in your office. Every office, it seems, has at least one person to fit this bill. Usually this person is negative practically all the time and finds fault with everyone or everything. Typically, this person get upset when someone else in the office gets a promotion as this person believes he or she has more experience and is better suited for the promotion.

If one is negative or angry all the time, usually that person is resentful over something in his or her personal life which they cannot seem to let go of. Whatever resentment they are carrying is not allowing them to break free of their self-created cycle of misery, and their resentment is keeping them stagnant.

What about forgiving someone who has wronged you and hurt you? By forgiving that person, are you simply allowing their hurtful deed?

When you forgive a person or a situation, you are not excusing that person’s behavior. For example, if someone you love has betrayed your trust, forgiving them is not like giving them a Get Out Of Jail Free card. By beginning the process of forgiveness, you are allowing God to step in and help you with the healing. Forgiving simply means giving the situation to God.

Forgiving oneself is also as important as being able to forgive others.

Take a moment and reflect upon yourself. Is there something in your life which you are still holding onto with negative emotions attached to it? When you find it in your heart to forgive yourself or forgive someone else, you are allowing doors to open so that the healing may begin.

Forgiveness is the mightiest force in the universe as it has the power to transform anger into peace. And when you are in that place of peace and forgiveness, that’s when miracles can happen.